KEEPING ODD HOURS GAMES Announces the Name of Its First Board Game

KOH Games is proud to announce our first board game, The Witheren: Dungeon of the Hidden Path. Witheren is the region that our heroes come from but more importantly, in old English, it means to resist, struggle; struggle against (God, oneself, government etc.), resist; also, act in opposition (against God, the church, government etc.) In this game our heroes all fight against the vicious Lord Bathor. All of their lives have been affected by him and his henchmen. To stop his reign of terror, they must beat him to the treasure deep in the Dungeon of the Hidden Path beneath the watchful eye of the dragon Lisastat.

The Witheren is a multifaceted game containing elements of dungeon building, dungeon crawling and dungeon looting. It is rumored that the Dungeon of the Hidden Path is ever changing. The dungeon in the game is no different. No two games are alike.

The Witheren goes into alpha play testing at the end of September.

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