Witheren: Dungeon of the Hidden Path (W:DHP)

What if your entire life was controlled by a ruler that had absolutely no concern for his subjects? Wealth, possessions, food, even the land you live upon can and most likely will be taken from you. Such is the plight of the heroes in KOH Games upcoming Cooperative board game.

Enter into the realm of Abarynth, where the death of King Ariod has cast the lands into turmoil. Factions have claimed their own rulers. The citizens in the Mountains of Z’haal seek leadership from the disciples of the Circumspect. The wizards of the Ancient Forest cloister themselves from the remaining kingdom with force fields conjured from the ancient trees. The Hallowed Plains maintain their prosperity. With a massive army and excessive opulence, and backed by their benevolent leader, Timmon the Golden, many expect the plains will be the next seat of power. However, deep in the bleak lands of the Witheren, a particularly viscous self-appointed ruler, Lord Bathor, exerts his power over the already destitute citizenry. Every ounce of his being is focused on raising an armory big enough to conquer the entire kingdom, but first, he must fill his war chest with the vast treasure of Lisastat, the dragon, hidden deep within the bowels of the Dungeon of the Hidden Path.

Enter our heroes. Each has been deeply affected by Bathor’s rule. Each has their own reason to enter the Dungeon of the Hidden Path. They hail from the edge of the mountains, the cities along the burning lands, the keep of Lord Bathor, the caves beneath the wastelands, the hidden labs at the edge of the sea and everywhere and nowhere at once. Each wishes to thwart his plans and they’ll all gladly give their lives trying.

(W:DHP) creates a random game experience with the excitement of combat, the thrill of exploration and the richness of a D&D campaign. This game isn’t for the meek. Failure is a likelihood, making a success that much sweeter.

Playtesting will begin soon on Alpha 1.0. A playthrough video will follow sometime in November.

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