Freyna Dei has been a devote follower of the way of the Circumspect since she was a very young child. Raised in the Temple of the Sage in the mountains of Khaal, she is equally versed in defense and aggression.

She carries with her an oak staff wound with leather made from the pelt of her dearest companion, Kuro, her pet mastiff. He made the ultimate sacrifice for her, using his body to save her from a surprise attack. Now, she trains with Kebo, a lively pup from the Forests of the Ancients, brought to her by her master to ease her grief.

Lord Bathor, a particularly loathsome chieftain, and his henchmen are her sworn enemies. He seeks to claim the temple as his own and will not stop until every member of the Sect of Circumspect is destroyed.

Through rumors in the village, passed to her from shopkeepers while she purchased provisions, she discovered Bathor’s plan to raid the Dungeon of the Hidden Path and kill the dragon Lisastrat. With its treasure, he could build his army and seize the temple once and for all.

Without telling a soul, she sets out for the Burning Lands with Kebo in tow. She will get to the dungeon before him and claim the treasure for the temple. If she is lucky, she’ll find a party to help her on her journey. If not, she will do it herself.

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